A power surge happens in milliseconds but that little spike in the current flowing through the wires of your house can have big consequences. In 2010 a winter storm hit Sanpete County, 30 homes in Ephraim experienced electrical surges that destroyed and damaged appliances and electronic devices. Home owners were responsible for the costly repairs and replacements of televisions, ovens, dishwashers, furnaces, central vacuum systems, DVD players, computers, printers and water treatment systems. A whole home surge protector will assure that your home is protected from high voltage surges, capable of damaging and destroying electrical devices and even (in some cases) causing home fires.

How does a surge protector work?

A surge protection device protects electrical devices from voltage spikes by limiting the voltage supplied to a appliances and electrical devices by either blocking or shorting to ground any unwanted voltages above a safe threshold. These high voltage surges are extremely damaging however the everyday power fluctuations can cause wear and tear on electronic devices as well.

In areas, like Sanpete County, that experience frequent brown outs, black outs or flickering of lights, whole home surge protection is an investment well worth the cost. Keep in mind that no surge protection device can protect your house if it takes a direct hit from lightning. Be proactive in protecting your home, don’t wait until you are faced with unwanted costly repairs that can easily be avoided with a surge protector. Contact a certified and insured Custom Electrical technician to receive a FREE QUOTE and schedule a whole home surge protection installation today.